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The sectors that interest me more specifically are:

Banking / Finance Services / Insurance

Finance / Administration / Auditing / Consulting

General Management

Specialist in quantitative methods applied (Economy, Finance, Banking, Insurance, Control). Wishes to participate in corporate mission exciting, internationally.

Statistics & Econometrics
• Econometrics for Finance (Series): ARIMA models, VAR, ARCH-GARCH univariate forecasting methods, study of seasonality, modeling of the Value-at-Risk
• Scoring and rating by data mining: Assessing the risk of corporate default / individuals by logistic regression, discriminant analysis, neural networks, genetic algorithms.
• Analysing quantitative and qualitative data: for operating databases, Principal Component Analysis and Multiple Correspondence Analysis
• Panel data econometrics: fixed effect models, to simple error and composed, specification tests, dynamic model (using dynamic panel estimation by instrumental variables)

Economy & Finance Bank
• Project Management: Design, Implementation and Monitoring and Evaluation plans / programs / projects using the method of "Results Based Management (RBM), Monitoring and Business Intelligence (note conditions, followed by macro-economic sector. .).
• Financial diagnosis: Financial analysis, asset valuation, assembling business plans.
• Banking technics: Account Management, managing means of payment in international (CREDOC remdoc, transfers, bills, checks), payment by Swift.
• Optimizing cash: market intervention rate derivatives (caps, floors and collars), using the derivatives of petroleum products, mining, agricultural (Future Forward on NYMEX), management of portfolio assets by calculating the Value at Risk (VaR).


January 2008
January 2009

Master 2 Finance and Banking, University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar (UCAD), Faculty of Economics and Management (FASEG)

January 2008 - January 2009

Master 2 Professional Finance and Banking

This training was focused on the business network, commercial exploitation (responsible for business customers or business), asset management, management of bank branches, etc.. But the versatility of the lessons also opens on the headquarters of the bank: credit analyst, financial analyst, office of middle and back office, control of banking, cash management banking, operational risk management, management of market risk management overall balance and ALM ..

Area of specialisation: Banking Risks, Financial Markets, Treasury

January 2007
February 2008

Master 2 Statistical and Econometric Methods, Université Cheikh Anta DIOP of Dakar (UCAD), Faculté des Sciences Economiques et de Gestion (FASEG),

January 2007 - February 2008

Master 2 Statistical and Econometric Methods

Specialized training in quantitative techniques. It focused on mastering the tools and techniques for decision support: modeling of databases, data analysis, statistics, forecasts, with applications to economics, risk management, banking, ..

Area of specialisation: Forecasting, Databases, Data mining, econometric models, statistical surveys

January 2003
December 2006

Engineer in Applied Economics - Ecole Nationale d'Economie Appliquée (ENEA) in Dakar.

January 2003 - December 2006

Engineer in Applied Economics

General training in economics. It focused on the theory micro / macro. In addition she discussed the tools and techniques for developing, monitoring and evaluation, adjustment and ex-post evaluation of business projects (business plan) and project development.

Area of specialisation: Construction of Economic Planning


January 2011

Research Officer Macroeconomics Gabon and Sao Tome & Principe

Since January 2011

Mission: - Studies and ensure macroeconomic to Gabon and Sao Tome & Principe
- Monitoring the project management of the Health Sector (10 million euros)
- Monitoring of the Project Management Professional Training (12 million euros)
- Monitoring of project management education sector (in instruction)

January 2010
January 2011

Economist Planner Engineer

January 2010 - January 2011

Mission: - Development of strategic plan and budgeting Triennial APIP,
- Director of Economic Studies (rating corporate, corporate finance,..),
- Track record of economic cooperation between Gabon and bilateral/multilateral partners (China, Ukraine, MOROCCO, UNCTAD, WTO,..),
- Representation of the head director in the working sessions, forums and other meetings with partners

July 2007
August 2009

Head of Risk-Management

OJ FACTOR (Dakar, Sénégal) - Management consulting sector

July 2007 - August 2009

Mission: - Design of a mathematical algorithm of credit scoring for microfinance
- Drafting and editing of business plans;
- Organization of international seminars,
- Customer relationship management in banking and insurance 10 African countries
- Director of studies for research of new products
- Develop policy and regulations on partnership
- Monitor the financial management and evaluation of partnership relations


  • Spanish

    Speaking competence: School level ,  Written competence: School level
  • French

    Speaking competence: Fluent ,  Written competence: Fluent
  • English

    Speaking competence: Intermediate ,  Written competence: Fluent

Computing skills


1. Pack Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Outlook
2. MS Project (Monitoring and Project Management)
3. SPSS (Statistics, Econometrics)
4. Stata (Statistics, Econometrics)
5. SPAD (Statistics, Econometrics)
6. E-Views (Econometrics)
7. Ciel (Accounting - Basic)

Additional information

Operating Systems:
- Windows 98,
- Windows 2000,
- Windows XP
- Windows VISTA
- LINUX (Ubuntu)


Works and Publications

- Ntoutoume-Ndong Obiang, Fred. "The effects of the current financial crisis on the economies of the CEMAC zone" in The letter of the Focal Point CEMAC (Libreville), December 2008, No. 3, p. 1-2
- Ntoutoume-Ndong Obiang, Fred. "The difficulties of financing the economic growth in UEMOA countries" in Information and comments (Lyon), April-June 2008, No. 143, p. 45-48
- Memory Master 2 Pro Financial Services Bank: "Developing a Business Plan: Funding year plan to develop a firm-Risk Management"
- Memory Master 2 Pro Statistics & Econometrics: "Scoring of Credit Risk in SME statistical modeling & Artificial Intelligence: a comparative application of Logistic Regression and Neural Networks"

Communications Manager, Association "Les Amis du Monde Diplomatique"

Part of the African anti-globalization movement, the association of AMD struggle for globalization to "human face" and to conduct "citizen" of multinationals.


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